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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Say what..?!

So I’m in the thick of the ACES (American Copy Editors Society) conference on Thursday, having a great time learning stuff and meeting interesting people, when I get a phone call from the surgeon’s office. The message is that a radiologist at the hospital is raising questions about the (icky!) MRI biopsy which was done to check the other “spots” the original MRI showed. Essentially, that person is saying is they’re not 100% sure the biopsy needle hit the “spot.”  So maybe I want to do another test… Seriously!?!

My surgeon and the original radiologist feel confident with the results, and at this stage of the game, I don’t want to delay the surgery to remove the tumor any longer. This report rattled me, and I’m frustrated that they waited til the eleventh hour to pop up with this. My contact at the surgeon’s office confided that they were frustrated too.

So you can add to your list of prayers for me (already long I know!) that AFTER the surgery there will be a clear path as to what the followup should be, and that for now, I can let it go. [cue song lyrics here :-) ]

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