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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Surgery #2

It was strange to be walking back into the Short Stay unit almost a month after my previous surgery. We had the same escort who took us back there, which added to the deja vu.

As promised, everything happened speedily. Here I am modeling the lovely paper hospital gown:

I like the purple color. But of course one friend noted the "bear paw" logo and wondered if Jon had bought me to a veterinary hospital. Another thing that's pretty jazzy about this ensemble is there are "pockets" built in which can be connected to an air hose that pumps in hot air (or cold air I guess, if that's what you want) and I made use of that after surgery. Mmmmm - toasty warm!

I'm also modeling a "bracelet" that keeps track of where I am in the hospital, just in case they lost track of me. I guess that's reassuring.

Both the surgeon and anesthesiologist came in and chatted with us beforehand. This time the anesthetic was what you get for a colonoscopy so there was no tube stuck down my throat and you come out of it more quickly and easily. They woke me up while I was still in the surgery (AFTER the procedure was done, thankfully!) and they didn't even have to take me to the recovery room. The woman who "drove" my wheelchair to the entrance when I was discharged commented a couple of times about how early I was getting out, as did the woman checking me out of Short Stay. Overachiever, that's me!

So back to "recovery mode." I just snoozed and watched TV yesterday, plus one business phone call. Today I took my time getting started on the day, then took my laptop out on the deck to catchup on email and a few things. It was a perfect spring day in Portland - mid 70s, clear blue sky, birds singing and swooping through the yard. Overall, I feel good - just occasional little aches.

I have to admit I was pretty shaken over the weekend. Going back in for surgery felt like a step backwards, and having the tumor board be split on their recommendation muddied the waters that have been relatively clear for me lately. Then my nurse navigator (my usual "go to" with any questions and a helper in setting next steps) was saying things about the tumor board which seemed different from what the surgeon told me, which was unsettling to say the least. I'm still sort of unnerved by that, but next week I'll be seeing both my surgeon and my oncologist, armed with a list of questions, as always!

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