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Monday, February 22, 2016

A step at a time...

I decided on Surgeon #1. The choice was difficult only in that I think either would have been a good choice. But it feels good to have that figured out. It looks like surgery may be the week of March 28.

As part of this surgeon's team, I now have a Nurse Navigator who is super helpful in answering any big or small question, and in chasing down logistics. She has me scheduled this week with an MRI on Wednesday and an appointment with the medical oncologist on Friday. 

I'm frankly nervous about what the oncologist might say on Friday. The "Oncotype DX" test came back at 21 for me. This is the test which is a big piece of the decision whether chemo is warranted or not. As I understand it, under 17 would mean, "No chemo for you!" over 31 would mean, "Chemo for sure," and the hazy middle ground where I've landed is, well, hazy. I have a hunch that's what we'll be talking about on Friday.

Prayer requests:
   "Negative" for the BRCA genetic test
   MRI results that are clear and helpful (there can be false positives)
   No chemo needed - this decision might not get finalized til after surgery

I'm getting lots of great analogies from friends as to what this time in my life is like. "We're in a whiteout," comes from a hiking friend. We can only see a few steps ahead. So we take it one step at at time.

Grateful for you!

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