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Friday, February 19, 2016

Waiting - and more info gleaned...

Hmmm - is the phrase "patiently waiting" an oxymoron? It is for me right now. I want answers now but evidently it takes some time to unravel genetic code. Ya think!? Isn't it amazing that such a thing is even possible?

We had a good appointment with a radiology oncologist today, and among a lot of other useful info he shared, the piece that is most logistically helpful right now is that there is some flexibility in how radiation and chemo appointments can be set up. As I look at possible mastectomy scenarios (keep praying for a negative BRCA report so that's not necessary!), I want to be sure I can be at my brother's wedding in June. The post-op treatments have timelines and waiting periods but the radiology doc (and later the PA for my medical oncologist) assured me that (of course!) working around big life events is not a new issue for them. We can make it work.

One question both Jon and I had was, "how does radiation work?" If it's going to get rid of cancer cells, why isn't it killing off good cells too? The radiology doc said that radiation "breaks" some DNA in cells but the cancer cells can't repair themselves as quickly and easily as normal cells can. Interesting!

Over the weekend I hope to finalize a decision about a surgeon, and then meet with some plastic surgeons next week. Again, I'm hoping their services won't be necessary but I'm hearing from medical advisors that it doesn't hurt at all to get all info possible beforehand.

And so we actively wait...

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