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Friday, March 11, 2016

And more waiting, with a few appointments sprinkled in...

Three appointments this week. I'd hoped to have results from the MRI to report on today, but looks like it will be early next week before we get those.

I had an MRI-guided biopsy this week, which was quite the opposite of fun. If you don't want more details about that, skip to the next paragraph (and I don't blame you!) I had to lie face down with my arms stretched out above my head, staying very still for over an hour, while I was shuttled in and out of the MRI machine. I'm not claustrophobic, and had my eyes closed most of the time, but after 20 minutes or so, my shoulders started to ache. "Don't move," they kept telling me, but oh, how I wanted to. The basic plan is that they figure out the location of the "spot" they want to biopsy by doing the MRI, then shuttle you out to numb that area (like at a dentist's office), then in again to check something (I don't remember what that was), then out to have the biopsy done. It shouldn't hurt, right? 'Cause they put the numbing stuff in, right? Somehow he hit a nerve on the last "poke" and I definitely moved ;-( Ow, ow, ow!!! Yelps and tears. Then he put in a tiny titanium marker. Then back in to the machine see that it was in the right spot. Then finally DONE! Except for a quick mammogram to see the marker on those films. While I was waiting to hear that I was really done for the day, I texted Jon - "Please find a good ice cream place on the way home - I need a treat!"

We met with the surgeon on Tuesday and today with a plastic surgeon, whose services I hope I don't need. In both cases, we talked about what the surgery would be if the spots are benign (pretty simple lumpectomy) and if they aren't (essentially breast reduction surgery - a bit more complicated but not as much so as a mastectomy). Still aiming for surgery on the 30th, or maybe a day or two later if we have to go the other route.

So more waiting.

We did learn a couple of interesting facts about the anti-estrogen pills I'm taking:
   - the initial biopsy showed that 100% of the tumor cells reacted positively to estrogen, so that means 100% of them will react to not getting any more.
  - the medication doesn't "kill" them the way a chemo drug does, but it basically tells them, "Your job here is done," so they start the pre-programmed routine of "it's time to shut down now."

I'll be co-leading a presentation workshop in Ohio next week - gone from Monday through Thursday - and I'm looking forward to it. Nice to focus on something else :-) And no doctor's appointments - woo hoo!

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  1. Just thinking about you every day. I love you so very much 💞😌