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Friday, March 4, 2016

Baby Steps

I keep getting great analogies from people about what this time in my life entails. Right now, it really does feel like we're taking baby steps as we head towards surgery and whatever lies after that...

Since the MRI showed a couple of "spots" which they think are benign but want to confirm, I had an ultrasound this week, which unfortunately was not ultra-helpful :-( They couldn't see the spots clearly enough to make a judgement call, so now I get to go in for an MRI biopsy next week. As I understand it, they use the MRI technology to guide them to exactly where those little "spots" are, and do biopsies of those.

Also next week, I have an appointment with my surgeon, and since the biopsy results won't be back by then, we'll talk about what the options are if the spots are benign, and if they aren't. And just to add to the fun, I'll have an appointment with a plastic surgeon, just in case that might be called for. I think I've had more doctor's visits in the last few weeks in the last 10 years!

Surgery is scheduled for March 30th and hopefully will be on an outpatient basis.

So current prayer requests are still the same:
Clear results from the MRI followup tests
Clear direction for chemo/no chemo decision

Grateful for you - my support and prayer team!!!

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