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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Surgery Date Changed - and other timing tales...

Got the word from the surgeon's office today that we have to move the surgery date to Monday, April 4th.  It's not that much longer to wait, but I have to admit it makes me a bit crabby. The reason for the change is that the Tanasbourne Surgery Center is "out of network" for our insurance plan, so I'll be having it at St. Vincent's Hospital instead. It will still be on an outpatient basis and I report there at 9:00am.

It just seems so crazy. I'm sure that the costs of doing it at the surgery center instead of the hospital would be significantly less for the insurance company, plus it's run by Providence - the system that both my surgeon and St. Vincent's are a part of. So why...? Who knows.

But there's some amazing timing things that have taken place already so I'm trying to remember those and "possess my soul in patience."

When I was first diagnosed, I was sorting out all the potential treatments and schedules. Carol, my boss at Graceworks, was completely understanding and flexible. I was scheduled for a 2 day workshop with her in Ohio (which took place last week) and I wasn't sure if I could/should do it. I hoped to, but didn't know if it was medically "ok" to wait til after that time (turns out it was) and didn't know if, by waiting, I might compromise my ability to be at my brother's wedding in Florida in June (learned that post-op treatments can flex around that date if need be).

In the meantime of course, Carol was working on backup plans. One trainer (Jen) was already booked for those dates, and the other (Rich) graciously said he would do it, but I knew he'd be giving up some commitments that are near and dear to his heart.

Then the booking for Jen got moved to another date so she was free to step in for the Ohio gig. Interesting. Should she do it instead? Carol said it was up to me. And it turned out that doing ultrasound and MRI to chase down the "spots" were going to take me pretty close to that workshop date anyway, so I said, "Yes, I'll do the Ohio workshop!"

Turns out it was such a good thing I did - for a completely unexpected reason. In my last post, I asked for prayer for one of our trainer's daughters. It was Jen's daughter, and because Jen was home and NOT in Ohio, she was able to shepherd her daughter through all the ER / hospital / "now what?" craziness that ensued for the next several days. Thankfully, her daughter's doing fine now. We are all so glad that Jen was able to be there with her.

But wait - there's more! I had hoped to do the Ohio workshop and then have surgery early this week.  But that didn't work because the surgeon is out of town. And we couldn't do it on next Monday either. Yep, I was crabby about it.

But.... Jen was scheduled to go to San Diego early this week to co-lead a 4-hour workshop and we realized it really didn't make sense for her to get on a plane to go across the country for that, when it would be just as easy for me to do it. And since I wasn't having surgery this week, why not? I just got home tonight from leading a workshop with Carol as part of the N3A conference - North American Airline Audit conference. Lots of different airlines represented - great people! And there was sunshine :-)

Yes, that's the Hotel Del Coronado. And no, the conference wasn't there. Wouldn't that be something!

So that's why I'm trying to be "non-crabby" with this most recent "push out" of the date. Maybe there will be more timing tales to come...

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