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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

All tatted up!

Got my first-ever tattoos today - but nothing fancy. Just little dots so the radiologists can always position me correctly for my upcoming radiation treatments.

Everything has been healing up WAY better than after the first surgery, so we're finally ready for this last phase. Today was a CT scan (they want to make sure where all my vital organs are so they don't hit those!), plus the tattoos and scheduling the first treatment, which will be on my birthday, June 21. A memorable B-day to be sure! Then I'll have a total of 20 treatments, on weekdays, so I'll be done in mid-July - which makes it possible for me to go on my annual Kenya mission trip with Kizimani - woo hoo! I've been thinking that I would probably be able to go, but wanted this final assurance before I started raising funds and booking my ticket.

Got to start celebrating my birthday tonight with some dear friends with a picnic up in the Rose Garden - perfect! Every bush was bursting with flowers and the smell was heavenly.

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