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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Having a "Rad" Birthday!

This year I'm celebrating my birthday by starting four weeks of radiation treatments. I've been saying I'm "celebrating life" that way. Some clever friends wished me a "rad" birthday, and others assured me that I'll be looking radiant. Ha!

Today's session was just a bit longer than it will usually be but even at that, it was quite short. Essentially I lie down on my back on a lovely hard plastic "bed" and stay still while a machine beeps and radiates. They had to do a couple of other extra things today but I think the treatment itself was only 4 minutes - super short!

Whatever side effects I might get are cumulative - possibles include some redness, some fatigue, etc. I'm "planning" on having minimal side effects - we'll see how that works out :-)

A memorable birthday indeed. THANKS so much to all who have sent birthday greetings my way. Warms my heart and makes me smile!!

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